Monday, February 13, 2012

LOVE time!

Happy LOVE to you.

Danielle hosted a fabric heart swap (make three, receive three) and all I can say is BEAUTIFUL!

Here's what I made...

Lace, a pocket for some flowers (or love notes), sewed on to muslin.

Here's what I received...

Hope made this one that was wrapped in this fabric. I met Hope almost three years ago at Silver Bella, we missed her at the last and final one!

She made a little tiny journal, "My Hearts Desires" to go inside the little pocket.  SO cute.

Suzanne made this beauty.  I saw her hearts for the swap on her blog and I thought, "just lovely, hope I get one!" and I did!  I met the talented Suzanne at Silver Bella almost two years ago, she's amazing!

And here's one from a "dear", Meleen.  She sewed everyone of these buttons on, aren't they lovely?  

I love Meleen.  

We met at Silver Bella almost three years ago and I wish I could see her everyday (wish I could see all of these ladies everyday!)!  I'm so happy to receive one from Meleen!

They came today and are already on display.  I LOVE getting handmade items that make perfect decorations and as reminders of some Silver Bella LOVE!

Sissy made the LOVE banner, she's the best at things like this.

This is sissy and Danielle.

Here's sissy and Suzanne...

Thanks Danielle for hosting!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Little Girl Cape and Leg Warmers Tutorial

Okay I have to confess, I LOVE redesigning sweaters.  After taking a class taught by Charlotte Lyons at Silver Bella over two years ago, I have been hooked.  Charlotte taught us to make hats and I went home and made five!  Then, I started making scarves and have had sooooooo much fun.  This year I saw 100 scarves leave my hands to keep others warm.  All made from sweaters!  

When I began making the scarves, my daughter, Kitt, wanted one for herself.  I knew that a 3 year old would never keep a scarf on longer than a minute so instead of a scarf, I made this... 

She enjoys wearing it but I thought it was time for an update....

Here's what you do...

Find a round neck wool sweater, wash and dry on hot, and you are ready....

Cut half way across and then fold the sweater so both sides are even....

Set your sewing machine on the zig zag and sew the edge....

The edge will naturally ruffle.

Add some little lovelies and you're finished!

With the extra part from the sleeves, zig zag the tops and you have a pair of leg warmers!

Add some lace, trim, anything!

I was so happy to hear that she wants to wear them to dance on Tuesday!  

(NOTE:   I cut the collar out for this one and then did a zig zag stitch because the neck hole was too small after it was washed.)

Happy Upcycling!

Monday, December 5, 2011

Fall Show

I know this is a bit late but I've been busy with decorating our house for a Christmas walk.

So much fun!

Here's a link to view the Christmas walk...


Saturday, October 22, 2011

Batch #2

Here's the second batch of the season....


neck loops

neck loops




Kitt took this of mama at work!

neck loops






ruffle scarves

ruffle scarves with rosettes

just for fun