Monday, February 13, 2012

LOVE time!

Happy LOVE to you.

Danielle hosted a fabric heart swap (make three, receive three) and all I can say is BEAUTIFUL!

Here's what I made...

Lace, a pocket for some flowers (or love notes), sewed on to muslin.

Here's what I received...

Hope made this one that was wrapped in this fabric. I met Hope almost three years ago at Silver Bella, we missed her at the last and final one!

She made a little tiny journal, "My Hearts Desires" to go inside the little pocket.  SO cute.

Suzanne made this beauty.  I saw her hearts for the swap on her blog and I thought, "just lovely, hope I get one!" and I did!  I met the talented Suzanne at Silver Bella almost two years ago, she's amazing!

And here's one from a "dear", Meleen.  She sewed everyone of these buttons on, aren't they lovely?  

I love Meleen.  

We met at Silver Bella almost three years ago and I wish I could see her everyday (wish I could see all of these ladies everyday!)!  I'm so happy to receive one from Meleen!

They came today and are already on display.  I LOVE getting handmade items that make perfect decorations and as reminders of some Silver Bella LOVE!

Sissy made the LOVE banner, she's the best at things like this.

This is sissy and Danielle.

Here's sissy and Suzanne...

Thanks Danielle for hosting!

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  1. so happy your hearts arrived safely and that you love them!!!

    happy valentine's day!

    xo, danielle